ASX Announcements - 2013


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19/12/13 Folkestone Form 604 GJP Investments

19/12/13 Folkestone Appendix 3Y Garry Sladden

18/12/13 Folkestone Appendix 3B

13/12/13 Two Folkestone Funds Close Oversubscribed

12/12/13 Folkestone Successfully Completes Retail Entitlement Offer

26/11/13 Folkestone Notice of Initial Substantial Holder

21/11/13 Folkestone Retail Entitlement Offer Booklet

21/11/13 Folkestone Cleansing Notice

21/11/13 Folkestone Letter to Ineligible Shareholders

21/11/13 Folkestone Appendix 3Y Mark Baillie

21/11/13 Folkestone Appendix 3Y Greg Paramor

18/11/13 Folkestone's Completion of the Institutional Component of its Equity Raising

15/11/13 Folkestone Announces Equity Raising

15/11/13 Folkestone Cleansing Notice 

15/11/13 Folkestone Appendix 3B

14/11/13 Folkestone Equity Raising Presentation

12/11/13 Folkestone Commences Stage 1 at Millers Road, Altona North and Announces New Income Fund

22/10/13 Folkestone AGM Results

22/10/13 Folkestone AGM Presentation

18/9/2013 Folkestone 2013 Annual Report

18/9/2013 Folkestone Annual General Meeting

22/8/2013 Folkestone Returns to Profit in FY13

22/8/2013 Folkestone FY13 Results Presentation

22/8/2013 Folkestone FY13 Financial Statements

27/06/2013 FLK Successfully Completes Second Unlisted Fund Capital Raising

24/05/2013 FLK Updated Share Trading Policy

13/05/2013 FLK Acquires Joint Venture Partner's Interest in Millers Rd Altona

16/04/2013 Appendix 3Z

16/04/2013 FLK Resignation of Non-Executive Director

10/04/2013 FLK Acquires Wollongong Commercial Building for New Income Fund

28/02/2013 FLK Half Year Report - December 2012

19/02/2013 FLK Half Year Results Announcement

19/02/2013 FLK Half Year Results Presentation

19/02/2013 FLK Appendix 4D and Half Year Report

29/01/2013 Change of Share Registry Provider for Folkestone Limited

08/01/2013 AZF: FLK settles remaining interest in funds managt business

08/01/2013 AEU: FLK settles interest in funds management business

08/01/2013 FLK settles remaining interest in funds management business

08/01/2013 ACK: Sale of interest in property funds management business

03/01/2013 Chief Operating Officer Resignation

02/01/2013 Final share buy-back notice - Appendix 3F